Submit quick expense to Concur using AT&T’s voice/speech recognition API

You can check out the source code here


Windows 8 C#/XAML Concur OAuth sample code


Concur T&E is a travel and expense software used by 25M business travelers globally. The Concur APIs allow you to access a Concur user’s travel and expense information so that you can build apps like ones that provide recommendations of nearby restaurants around a hotel booking, or apps that send a top 10 list of coffee shops based on a Concur user’s destination and expense history (e.g. He spent $80 bucks on cappuccino in the last 10 business trips).

The Concur APIs use OAuth to protect these user assets –

To get the source code of the app from the video, head to

Where are all the Business Travel Apps?

Where are all the Business Travel Apps?
Sure, there are plenty of apps for leisure travelers.  But what about the lucrative market of business travelers?  Find out why business travel apps could be the opportunity your company needs.
Business Travelers vs. Leisure Traveler:
Business Traveler:
  • 5x trips/year (89% domestic)
  • Part of a frequent flier program (nearly 99% say this)
  • Spends avg. of $5,584/year
  • Avg. trip length is 4 days
  • Checks travel information on mobile devices (57% say this)

Leisure Traveler:

  • 1x trip/year
  • Part of a frequent flier program (nearly 34% say this)
  • Spends avg. of $1,372/year
  • Avg. trip length is 1-2 days
  • Checks travel information on mobile devices (38% say this)

The Business Travel Industry:

  • $1.12T market in 2013
  • 2/3 Business Travel / 1/3 Leisure Travel
  • 460M business trips in 1 year in U.S.
  • 10:1 return on investment for companies whose employees travel

Business Travel is an “Un-Apped” Market:

  • CFOs rank Travel and Expense the #1 candidate for mobile device experience, and strongly so
  • Most spend up to 4 hours per week planning and organizing for travel
  • Eight in ten travelers agree: mobile travel apps improve their business travel experience
  • 74% of business travelers rank business travel as very or extremely important to increased profits
  • It seems most apps are geared toward leisure travel rather than meeting the needs of traveling employees – Less than 10 of the top 50 iPhone apps are primarily focused on business travel

Put your app in front of 25M Business Travelers with Concur:

Concur Platform: Enables integration into highest use cases: Travel, Itinerary, Expense, E-Receipts

  • Global reach for 3rd-party apps: Provides T&E cloud services to 25M users from 20K businesses in 190 countries
  • Global co-marketing and Concur App Center: Joint marketing and the Concur App Center introduce new apps to 25M users and 20K businesses
  • REST-style APIs: Travel, Itinerary, Expense, E-Receipts, and Additional Services (TripIt, GDSX, conTgo)
  • Dev Tools: Sandbox, Technical Library, Sample Code, Web Test Guide, Certification

Why Concur?

  • High Transaction Volume: Concur processes 55M transactions worth $55B in Business T&E spend/year
  • 60% of Fortune 500 companies use Concur
  • 24% YoY Growth

Learn more about buildings apps with Concur:

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