Concur App Center permissions flow example (IHG)


Concur App Center permissions flow example (IHG)


Develop a Pebble app in 5-mins using Javascript (Pebble development)


This is a short video on how to develope a Pebble smartwatch app using Javascript and the simply.js library.


Example of Concur Web flow (Trover)

You can find more details about the Web flow in the Concur’s developer page here.

  1. From Concur App Center, click “Connect”
    • 1
  2. Creation of new Trover account / or login to existing account.
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  3. Custom page to link Trover and Concur
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  4. Authorization page to allow Trover to access Concur user’s information
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  5. Custom connected page
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  6. Provide user with option to disconnect
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