Super Bowl Stats, Snacks & Apps for Traveling Fans


We’re data geeks here in the Concur Platform team.  With Super Bowl XLVIII around the corner, we couldn’t help but collect a few stats:

  • $150M is what fans, sponsors, media, and visitors spent last year
  • 108.7M watched last year
  • 400,000 fans are expected in New York this year.
  • Tickets are now $1,643-$25,550 a pop.
  • Companies will spend up to $4M for a 30-second ad.

Did Someone Say Snacks?

Top snacks on Super Bowl Sunday?  USA Today reports that about 27% of watchers eat some kind of veggie, 22% eat chips, 18% eat pizza and 16% eat soup. *I’m going pizza, pepperoni and sausage.

Getting Back to Work: Apps for Travelers

I’m watching from the couch.  But let’s pretend I had sideline tickets to the game and a 7:00 AM business meeting the next day, in California.  Here’s a few apps I’d have handy:

  • TripIt:  Put all your itinerary plans “automagically” in one place.
  •  A local public transportation must-have.
  • TaxiMagic:  Find a cab quickly.
  • ParkNFly:  Reserve a car at corporate rates and earn points.
  • TravelText:  Text expenses right to your Concur account.

What travel apps are on your device?

  • Tell us about it @Concur and use #ConcurAPI
  • Find new solutions in the Concur App Center
  • Build apps for travelers:



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