How to use / access the Gmail API from C# Windows 8

Download the code here –

This Windows 8 (C#/XAML) code demonstrates:

Getting an access token for the Gmail API using OAuth 2.0
Calling Gmail API (Get messages IDs)

Using the code:

This C#/XAML sample code is a modified version of another LinkedIn OAuth sample code. It’s re-targeted for Windows 8.1 using Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows.

To use this code, you need to set up your Gmail API credentials from the Google Developer Console. Check out these instructions on how to set up your account, and get your Client ID and Client Secret keys –

Example of Concur App Center permissions flow (Trover)

You can find more details about the App Center flow in the Concur’s developer page here.

  1. From Concur App Center, click “Connect”
    • 1
  2. Creation of new Trover account / or login to existing account.
    • 2
  3. Custom page to link Trover and Concur
    • 3
  4. Authorization page to allow Trover to access Concur user’s information
    • 4
  5. Custom connected page
    • 5
  6. Provide user with option to disconnect
    • 6

Windows 8 C#/XAML Concur OAuth sample code


Concur T&E is a travel and expense software used by 25M business travelers globally. The Concur APIs allow you to access a Concur user’s travel and expense information so that you can build apps like ones that provide recommendations of nearby restaurants around a hotel booking, or apps that send a top 10 list of coffee shops based on a Concur user’s destination and expense history (e.g. He spent $80 bucks on cappuccino in the last 10 business trips).

The Concur APIs use OAuth to protect these user assets –

To get the source code of the app from the video, head to